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Laxmi Book Publications is an author centred publishing house and we are remarkably developing. Our books are published in various forms, but they also include a free online edition that can be downloaded, read via our website, or embedded anywhere.

Our expert team will provide advice and support while allowing you to maintain creative control over your book. You decide what is best for the book, and we can design the book around your requirements and ideas.

After we have received all of your book materials, we learn about your vision for the project before we begin to work on your book. To fully understand your ideas, you are able to speak directly with our cover designer. After reviewing your manuscript, we will collaborate with you to choose the most attractive and readable design template or custom design for your work. We will then design your book and send you manuscript and cover proof to review and corrections.

Once you have approved the book manuscript and cover, we'll send you an Author Copy, which will reflect what your published book will look like.

Salient Features of our book publishing

  • We publish your book with Valid ISBN No. in International library.
  • We will edit your complete book, check spelling mistakes and layout will be in standard book size format.
  • Due to international publishing, you will get 50 Academic Performance Indicator (API) marks.
  • With publishing we will provide 5 print copies for you. For extra copies you have to pay extra amount.
  • Author will get one demo copy for corrections and improvements.
  • We will design attractive and innovative book cover which will reflect idea of book on it.
  • We prepare index for your book in standard format.
  • We prepare glossary for your book that will be printed in the book itself.


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