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Volume : III, Issue : XI, December - 2013

Anxiety And Study Habits Of High School Students In Relation To Their Academic Achievement.


DOI : 10.9780/22307850, Published By : Laxmi Book Publication

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The School is a social institution created by society for the welfare of its members. In turn the society lays its hopes and aspiration on the growing pupil. In the area of academic achievement, a child, who fails to live up to the expectation of the society is like to face problems, satisfactory study habits may be retarded by the presence of a nagging fear of failure. The pupil facing some acute anxiety problem may find it difficult to concentrate in his standees. Such a pupil feel insecure, lack self-confidence and is usually tense mood. His problems are naturally transferred to the school situation consequently, he is likely to several poor potential achievers. Thus while an poor achiever in school is likely to encounter a host of anxiety problems, the presence of these problems may further retard his academic progress. Hence, an anxiety who is ridiculed n account of his poor performance is likely to get emotionally up set and consequently faces study habits in general need to be aware of the nature and magnitude of the problem could go a long way in helping teaches to employ better and more scientific techniques in the class rooms.

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Dhanalakshmi, (2013). Anxiety And Study Habits Of High School Students In Relation To Their Academic Achievement.. Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. III, Issue. XI, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

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