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Volume : III, Issue : VIII, September - 2013

Energy And Sustainable Development: Means Of Energy Conservation

Sanjeev Kumar

DOI : 10.9780/22307850, Published By : Laxmi Book Publication

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This paper is concerned with the role of energy in the sustainable development. Energy is central to improve social and economic well-being, and is indispensable to most industrial and commercial wealth generation. It is the key for relieving poverty, improving human welfare and raising living standards. But, however, essential it may be for development, energy is only a means to an end. The energy supply sector can best advance sustainable development by producing and delivering secure and environmentally-friendly sources of energy and by increasing the efficiency of energy use. Greater use of clean energy obviously contributes to sustainability of the development process, and this issue will become more important in the years that lie ahead. Developing countries account for 82 per cent of the world's population and they use 55 per cent of the available global supply of energy. They must aim at faster growth of their GDP to improve the living standards of their populations and this will entail an expanded demand for energy. If they follow the industrialized countries in meeting their energy requirements through fossil fuel based energy, the impact on the global climate would be simply unsustainable. This poses a global challenge. The author tries to discuss the means of energy conservation which include energy taxes, consumer products, energy renewal and perspectives of energy conservation. The role of Himachal Pradesh in energy conservation is also discussed in the paper.

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Sanjeev Kumar , (2013). Energy And Sustainable Development: Means Of Energy Conservation . Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. III, Issue. VIII, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

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