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Volume : III, Issue : VIII, September - 2013

Effectiveness Of Creative Teaching Of Environmental Awareness For Sustainable Development

Ajita Vijayan Pillai

DOI : 10.9780/22307850, Published By : Laxmi Book Publication

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The present study was undertaken to study the effectiveness of creative teaching of environmental awareness for sustainable development among the students of STD X. The objective of this study is to develop in students the ability to recognize problems, to be flexible in thinking, to invent and originate ideas of products, to find new uses for old without affecting the future resources and construct new and original solutions to problems. A descriptive survey was conducted. The sample of the study included 60 students .The investigator took group consisting of 36 female students and 24 male students. A pre-test was constructed by the investigator. The study revealed that the success of the creative teaching of environmental awareness is helpful in enhancing the sustainable development. Efforts in awareness is essential for the action as it is necessary to acquaint and sensitize the young minds to the environmental problems and concerns, so that they can play their role effectively towards environment.

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Ajita Vijayan Pillai, (2013). Effectiveness Of Creative Teaching Of Environmental Awareness For Sustainable Development. Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. III, Issue. VIII, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

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