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Volume : III, Issue : VI, July - 2013

Delineation Of Recharging Zones For Groundwater In Bhima River Basin From Ancient History,pandharpur,maharashtra

A A Salvithal , Nishad Patki And R. N. Jadhav

DOI : 10.9780/22307850, Published By : Laxmi Book Publication

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The ground water behaviour in the Indian sub-continent is highly complicated due to the occurrence of diversified geological formations with considerable litho-logical and chronological variations, complex tectonic framework, climate-logical dissimilarities and various hydro-chemical conditions.Occurrence of groundwater in hard rock terrain is mainly controlled bystructures, landforms, litho-logy and recharge conditions. The Deccan Trap area in Maharashtra generally comes in this category. The study area considered is the Bhima Basin (Nira- Narsinghpur to Pandharpur) where ground water is a major source of usable water due to drought conditions. Electrical resistivity distribution at different depth horizons for Bhima River basin in Solapur District, Maharashtra has been delineated and represented by contour maps at different electrode spacing. These are correlated with local Geology for semi quantitative interpretation to detect potential zones of groundwater

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A A Salvithal , Nishad Patki And R. N. Jadhav, (2013). Delineation Of Recharging Zones For Groundwater In Bhima River Basin From Ancient History,pandharpur,maharashtra. Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. III, Issue. VI, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

References :

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