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Volume : III, Issue : VI, July - 2013

A New Approach in Designing the Transportation Path of Urban Buses Using GIS (a case study of district no. 10 of Tehran)

Mahmoudi , Mohammad Reza And Das, Arun

DOI : 10.9780/22307850, Published By : Laxmi Book Publication

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Urban bus system is considered as one the most important public transportation systems. In designing such a system, it is needed that several objectives -some of which are contradictory - to be considered simultaneously. These objectives cause doing the design to face some problems. For an example, the routs which are designed for decreasing trip time may not have the highest accessibility. That is the reason why we need to consider different issues simultaneously to reach the optimal design. In this article, using GIS capabilities which are extant in its softwares , a new model for the optimal designing of the urban buses network is presented. The above mentioned model is founded considering several main objectives. For example, we can refer to opitmalization of number of travellers and also the decrease in trip time. The rest of the objectives are discussed in the third part of this article. The presented model is based on the matrix of urban blocks distribution, the method of its extraction is explained in this article. After extracting the matrix of distribution of trip between urban blocks, and allotting it to the urban paths, we have used the capabilities of GIS network to design the lines. Using this method, we can design of the urban buses' path by considering several main objectives simultaneously.

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Mahmoudi , Mohammad Reza And Das, Arun, (2013). A New Approach in Designing the Transportation Path of Urban Buses Using GIS (a case study of district no. 10 of Tehran). Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. III, Issue. VI, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

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