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Students should opt for accredited colleges
published on : 04/07/2013
Category : All India Council for Technical Education
What will be fate of existing students of 250 colleges banned by the Nagpur University? Since the matter is sub-judicial, I can't talk much on that. But the students shouldn't get worried as the ban is only for first year admissions. And if the colleges fulfil all norms, their bans will be lifted. Who is responsible for the mess? Actually, it's a collective responsibility. But, it's the basic duty of the colleges to provide all facilities to the students along with the faculty members. It's the commitment of colleges to provide quality education. The university can only monitor as it didn't come in direct contact with the students. Even engineering colleges are functioning without a single teacher. Those colleges are permitted by apex bodies like AICTE and DTE, and NU has no direct role to play except granting affiliation. These colleges take shelter of contributory or ad hoc teachers, but that is unacceptable as per existing laws. Even they need approval from NU. Only full-time and regular teacher would be counted as faculty. The finger of suspicion is also raised on Local Enquiry Committee (LEC) for concealing facts in their reports when they visit colleges. There are panels of deans of respective faculties for scrutinizing these LEC reports and check whether the colleges have complied with the norms. Then those are tabled before the Academic Council. But even after that if such cases are emerging then it's a matter of concern and those working on these bodies should introspect. Any solution in sight for these problems? Increased use of IT can lessen these problems. But increased monitoring and surprise checks are needed to check the facilities and faculty at colleges just like AICTE. Technologies like biometric system should be made mandatory. Amendments must be made in Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994, that governs universities. Will you recommend the students to take admissions in NAAC/NBA accredited colleges? If they take admissions, they don't have to face such problems. But in reality, a majority of colleges are not accredited by these two bodies. In fact, many well-known colleges don't believe in taking accreditation from these bodies. But we constantly encourage our colleges to get those certifications. NU has not taken any steps to inform students and parents. Nowadays, students and parents have become more aware and conscious. Even in rural areas, the people use gadgets like television sets and mobile phones. Therefore, I think, they must satisfy themselves fully before taking admission in any college. They must ask the concerned colleges about their faulty position and infrastructure.
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