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Top Arts Colleges Across India- The India Today-Nielsen Survey.
published on : 18/07/2013
Category : Higher Education
After passing the higher secondary level examination, a student can pursue Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) taking a special subject as the major choice. Some important major subjects which are offered by various colleges are history, languages, literature, law, philosophy, religion, performing arts, anthropology, communication, sociology, psychology and many more. After graduating, a Student can do masters degree (MA) in selected subjects. For further high qualification, one can opt for Ph.D degree in their respective subject. Here are some of the attractive career options for Arts stream pursuer. These are as Psychologist, Counselor, Economist, Market analyst, Sociologist, Social Worker, Historian, Anthropologist, Human Resources, Personal Executive, Writer/journalist/Editor, lawyer, Media Personnel, School Teacher/College Professor/university Professor etc. Check the below slides to know the top 10 arts colleges.
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