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Volume : IV, Issue : I, February - 2014


Surander Singh, None

DOI : 10.9780/22307850, By : Laxmi Book Publication

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Terrorism is an ambiguous concept and interoperated by the scholars as per the prevailing conditions. South Asia is one of the region which is facing this problem. Though it is an old concept but it took momentum after the 9/11 attack in US. The socio-economic and political conditions provide base to the terrorist activities in the world. Poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, starvation provide food to all inhuman activities. Though various efforts have been made to combat terrorism in the region but it is still facing the problem in different ways, which need further intellectual investigation in the issue.

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Surander Singh, None(2014). THREAT OF TERRORISM IN SOUTH ASIA. Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. IV, Issue. I, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

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