DOI Prefix : 10.9780 | Journal DOI : 10.9780/22307850
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Volume : XI, Issue : X, November - 2021


Asha U. Rokade, None

DOI : 10.9780/22307850, By : Laxmi Book Publication

Abstract :

The present investigation has been conducted Shiddheshwar Lake. (popularly known as Shiddheshwar Talav- reservoir) of Solapur,Maharashtra, with special reference to its zooplankton diversity concerning physicochemical characteristics.

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Asha U. Rokade, None(2021). BIODIVERSITY OF ZOOPLANKTON AT SHIDHESHWAR LAKE, SOLAPUR, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA. Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. XI, Issue. X, DOI : 10.9780/22307850,

References :

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